Addiction Therapy

In our fast-paced lives, our schedules often push us to the brink, and the battle against addiction can be an overwhelming challenge. The conventional therapy model may seem incompatible with the hectic lives many of us lead in our quest for recovery. The struggle to balance work, family, and personal well-being can deter even the most resolute individuals from seeking the necessary help.

This is precisely why UKAT London offers two highly flexible and accessible therapy options for those grappling with addiction. Whether your days are crammed with responsibilities, or you need a more adaptable approach to recovery, our Executive Evening and Online Addiction Programmes extend a helping hand to those in need.

The UKAT London Clinic offers comprehensive addiction treatment and mental health support through these innovative programmes. Individually tailored to meet the unique needs of those on the path to recovery and improved well-being, our offerings ensure that assistance is readily accessible.

Addiction therapy

Executive Evening Programme

The Executive Evening Programme at UKAT London Clinic is a state-of-the-art approach to addiction treatment and mental health support. It combines evidence-based therapies with holistic wellness classes, all held within the exclusive confines of our central London recovery clinic. Our team comprises renowned therapists and mental health experts who offer guidance and support throughout your path to improved health.

The programme includes evidence-based therapies, such as one-on-one therapy sessions and group therapy, where you can connect with others facing similar addiction challenges. We also offer additional therapeutic modalities like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and Movement Psychotherapy to provide insights into your unique issues, enabling you to address them effectively. Our wellness classes encompass nutrition, acupuncture, Boxercise, breathwork, and meditation. These holistic approaches are designed to heal your mind, body, and soul from addiction, promoting better overall well-being.

The central London location of UKAT London Clinic provides the ideal environment for your recovery and well-being journey, offering exclusive facilities and a commitment to delivering visible progress and tangible improvements.

Online Addiction Programme

Our Online Addiction Programme is tailored for individuals who require accessible and convenient addiction treatment and emotional wellness support. Led by highly qualified therapists, this programme is designed to offer expert guidance and cutting-edge therapy techniques from the comfort of your own home.

The programme includes:

  • Group Therapy sessions focus on creating connections and a sense of community.
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) helps you accept and process your emotions.
  • Goal-Oriented Coaching: Goals Setting Group provides intensive coaching with rapid outcomes.

Privacy and confidentiality are paramount in our online addiction programme, and we uphold the highest data protection and discretion standards.

You’ll benefit from transformative healing, access to elite therapists and mental health professionals and flexible scheduling. With twenty-three hours of online addiction treatment over four weeks, our programme is designed to work seamlessly with your busy schedule.

Who can benefit from these therapy options?

The evening programme and online addiction therapy alternatives for addiction recovery cater to a discerning clientele: individuals who lead demanding, time-sensitive lives and require flexible therapeutic options. But who exactly stands to benefit from our therapy options?

For the busy professionals

If your days are consumed by demanding work schedules, and you find it challenging to attend therapy sessions during typical office hours, the evening programme might be the perfect solution. These therapy sessions are thoughtfully scheduled during the evening, making them accessible to professionals committed to their jobs and determined to overcome addiction.

For the parents

Parenting is a full-time job in itself. Balancing the responsibilities of raising a family with addiction recovery can be incredibly challenging. Both evening programmes and online addiction therapy can offer parents the flexibility they need to seek help without compromising their caregiving duties.

For the students

Students often deal with academic pressures and social commitments. The evening programme can be tailored to accommodate their study schedules, making addiction therapy accessible to those pursuing education.

For the remote or isolated

Access to traditional addiction therapy centres may be limited due to geographical distance or isolation. Online addiction therapy transcends these barriers, making it an ideal choice for individuals residing in remote areas or those who prefer a more discreet treatment.

For the homebound

For individuals with physical or health limitations that make travel difficult, online addiction therapy provides a lifeline to recovery from the comfort of their homes.

For the globetrotters

Frequent travellers, digital nomads and those whose work or lifestyle keeps them on the move can benefit from online addiction therapy. It goes wherever you go, ensuring continuity in your recovery journey.

For anyone in need of flexibility

Ultimately, these addiction therapy options are designed for anyone who requires flexibility in their addiction recovery journey. Whether your circumstances align with one of the categories mentioned above or not, the evening programme and online addiction therapy are valuable choices if you need a therapy approach that adapts to your life.

These flexible options were created with the understanding that the path to recovery should be as unique as the individuals seeking it.

How to get started

Beginning your journey to better mental health couldn’t be easier with UKAT London Clinic’s Executive Evening Programme and our Online Addiction Programme. Invest in yourself and start experiencing the benefits of our bespoke, world-class treatment by booking a consultation today.

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